Dear Ones,

It is with great sadness that we write to share the news that our mother, Leslie Kenton, has died peacefully in her Governors Bay home in New Zealand on November 13th, 2016.

Her unexpected passing has sent shock waves through our family, friends and loved ones around the world. Leslie is an extraordinary being who has touched countless lives through her work and presence and it will take time to assimilate the reality that she is no longer with us in physical form.

Just days before she died, Leslie spoke of her excitement about the future, how she wanted to evolve her work and the evolution of our planet. We did not imagine at the time that this next phase would mean her leaving her body. In death, as in life, her process was authentic, natural and profound.

On the evening following her death the earth literally shook. A magnitude 7.8 earthquake 150km north of Leslie’s home rocked the country. A day later there was a Super Full Moon (the moon came the closest to the planet it has since 1948.) Somehow these cosmic events feel appropriate.

While we mourn the loss of our mother, we also celebrate her life and look to the future with the same sense of wonder and faith she instilled in us. We trust that even as her death marks the end of an era, it also calls us to new levels of consciousness, understanding, empowerment and freedom. We believe that the work Leslie came to the planet to do will continue in a new form and we look forward to discovering what that will be over the coming months and years.

On Saturday November 19th, we held a simple and intimate family burial for Leslie at St Cuthbert’s churchyard in Governors Bay. Her grave lies just minutes from the home she so loved, surrounded by the beauty of the Banks Peninsula, which has been her primary residence for the past 15 years.

Leslie’s awe-inspiring achievements will need to be documented. Her friends, colleagues and fans will want to express their gratitude and pay their respects. On Sunday December 18th at 9am New Zealand time, we will hold a celebration of Leslie at Chateau on the Park, Christchurch. (If you would like to participate in person or via livestream, please email us at )

For now, Aaron will continue to guide people through the Cura Romana program that he and Leslie created. He will also continue to evolve the mission we shared with Leslie: to help people blossom into their fullest, truest, and most empowered selves.

Despite our sadness, we stand in agreement that Leslie’s work in this lifetime’s physical form is complete. We trust that she left the world on her own terms in the perfect time and way. She accomplished more in her 75 years than most can ever dream to. She burned brightly and passionately. She was as beautiful in death as she was in life and we have no doubt that her boundless spirit will continue to guide and inspire humanity for many years to come.

We ask for your patience and understanding as we take time to grieve and process this life-changing event. Our hearts join with Leslie’s to send you our love and blessings,

Aaron, Susannah and family

P.S. Messages to the Kenton family can be sent to PO Box 33449, Barrington, Christchurch, 8244, New Zealand. In lieu of flowers, donations on Leslie’s behalf can be made to: Grupo Lopo, Animal Spirit and World Vision.