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  • Write It Out

    If you can’t sleep, keep a pen and paper next to the bed.  When you awaken, rather than lying awake worrying, write down all the things that come into your mind.

  • Sound To Sleep

    If you are troubled by sleeplessness, take a look at nature’s sleep aids.
    Stop worrying about getting to sleep. Just let it happen. If it doesn’t tonight, so what? It will tomorrow night.

  • Bedtime Snacks

    Below you will find a list of good sleep foods and bad sleep foods.

  • Forget Insomnia

    There is nothing more apt to cause sleeplessness than the worry that you won’t be able to drop off. Sometimes sleeplessness can be normal.

  • Kneipp Techniques

    The following are particularly useful for stress or if you find you are unable to get to sleep easily.
    wet socks
    A favorite of Kneipp himself, this is an easy way to apply a foot compress.

  • Go For Freedom

    Each human being is utterly unique.

  • Help From Nature

    There are many other powerful helpers readily available to give a hand with banishing cellulite.

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