Kids In The Kitchen

The important thing when feeding children is to build your own menus around what you yourself like best and then share your enthusiasm with your growing child. Enthusiasm tends to be contagious.

These menus are vegetarian. This is not because I think all children should be vegetarian. It is because, generally speaking, babies and young children seem to thrive on vegetarian dishes and some find meat constipating and hard to digest. Also much of the meat and chicken and fish these days is either highly processed (i.e. breaded fish pieces) or comes from animals which have been overmedicated with antibiotics.

I have raised most of my children from the beginning on vegetarian foods only, introducing them to fish and game and free-range chicken if and when they showed an interest. However, if you and your family are committed meat eaters then the soups or stews you make will simply have meat or chicken or fish added. They can still be pureed or chopped to serve to a child in whatever way is appropriate to his age.

meals for nature’s child


babies 6-12 months

Mother’s milk and 4oz porridge made from wholegrain oats or wheat or millet or rice flakes

toddlers 1-2 years

1 small piece of ripe fruit or

a small bowl of ripe stone fruit mashed or chopped with1 cup almond milk or yogurt

or a dish of Live Muesli

children 2 years up

A dish of Live Muesli or
1-2 pieces of fruit with almond milk  or yogurt, and
Scrambled egg and 1-2 slices of gluten-free bread with butter and honey


babies 6-12 months

Mother’s milk and
8oz vegetable stew puree or vegetable soup and
Mashed fruit

1-2 years

Vegetable stew or vegetable soup either pureed or in bigger chunks or
Wild Nut Burgers or
Lentil Soup or Stew

2 years up

Vegetable stew or vegetable soup or
Wild Nut Burgers or
Pitta Pockets


babies 6-12 months

Mother’s milk and
Nut milk perhaps pureed with a small crust of gluten-free bread

1-2 years

Small plate of raw vegetables (grated carrot with celery, beetroot, tomato, & dressing) cut up small or
`Spiderman Salad’

Serve with wholegrain crackers, rice cakes, oat cakes etc spread with butter, nutbutter or honey.

2 years up

Fruit with a slice of gluten-free bread or oatcakes, rice cakes, etc, spread with cottage cheese or nut butter or butter or honey and
Small plate of raw vegetables (grated carrot with celery, beetroot, tomato & dressing) cut up small


babies 6-12 months

Mother’s milk and
8oz Live Muesli pureed

1-2 years

Live Muesli with slice of gluten-free bread or toast

Live Muesli sprinkled with chopped nut kernels and
If desired, a warm dish of soup or a baked potato or brown rice

measurements & quantities

I have given approximate measurements such as cupfuls (abbreviated to C – an ordinary cup holds about 8 fluid ounces), handfuls, tablespoons (tbsp), teaspoons (tsp), pinches and so on.

Each time you make a recipe it will be slightly different, which is the whole fun of cooking and eating and one reason why children love it. Sticking to cookery book rules takes all the spontaneity out of things. Embroider these recipes to suit your taste and imagination. You will quickly grasp the basic principles of texture, color, nutritional value, taste combinations and presentation.


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