Inner Child

Children have astonishing potential for creativity built into their genes. In fact, the innate capacities of the human mind are almost limitless. Yet brain research shows that even when we grow up, we use only a small portion of the brain’s capacity. And our society is peopled with children of all ages who have never fully grown up – never become whole – never experienced the joy of simply being who they are and the excitement of facing each day ahead as though it were their last. Why?
Just as physical growth is determined through DNA coding, so does there appear to be a finely coordinated plan for each child’s inner development – the growth of his intelligence and emotional reactions, and the expanding of his creativity. This too is all part of his own individual seedpower unfolding so it eventually comes into full flower. However, it is a plan of which most of us as parents are not only unaware, but which we often unknowingly disrupt – sometimes with disastrous results – from loss of discipline in our children and a greater incidence of brain damage and schizophrenia in childhood, to the growth in infantile autism and widespread aggression – all of which we see growing in the societies around us year by year.

I believe that we will only begin to be able to deal with such problems once we understand a bit more about Nature’s biological plan for a child’s inner development, and have enough trust and respect to work with it rather than against it.


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