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the new 10 day clean up plan

Kick Colds

Kick Colds shares with you tried and tested inside information, natural remedies, tools, and techniques both for banishing a cold if you've caught one, as well as helping you develop an immune system of the highest order. I'd love to see you enhance your wellbeing so well that, when someone asks you "When did you last have a cold?," you'll answer, "I'm not sure... it must be a few years back by now."

the new 10 day clean up plan

The 10 Day Clean Up Plan

The New 10 Day Clean-Up Plan is a step-by-step guide for regenerating energy, transforming the way you look and feel and enhancing wellbeing all round-in a mere 10 days. The book is a complete home-spa program, spring cleaning your body, firming skin and muscles, trimming a few excess pounds, clearing your mind and brightening your spirits.