Sacred Truth Ep. 73: Bio-identical Hormones Transformations

Welcome to the third video in our Sacred Truth series, exploring the power of bio-identical hormones. These hormones, even when made in a laboratory, carry a molecular structure closely resembling the molecular structure of natural hormones made by glands in your own body. Here is something else important for you to know: Any other so-called hormones are drugs. These include all the highly promoted pharmaceuticals prescribed for HRT.

Working with people as closely as I do, I’ve learned far too much about the suffering of those who, in their ignorance, have opted to walk down the road of these synthetic drugs. By swallowing synthetic substitutes such as those given to half of the participants in the huge Woman’s Health Initiative study of 2002 this can seriously undermine their health and make them highly susceptible to serious illnesses including cancer. The study involved 40 large medical centers in the United States and 16,608 women. It was supposed to have lasted for 8.5 years, but researchers were forced to end it at 5.2 years as a result of far too many unexpected dangers which surfaced to those who had been prescribed synthetic HRT. If you don’t know about all this, now’s a a good time to go back to my last video and review it.

When I wrote my biggest book on menopause PASSAGE TO POWER…Natural Menopause Revolution, few women had ever heard of bio-identical hormones. Even fewer practitioners knew much about the important role bio-identicals could play in improving health and slowing the aging process. Instead, women all around the world had been taught to believe that synthetic drugs were the answer to female problems. Already, pharmaceutical corporations were busy flogging their wares to the media, to the medical profession, and directly to women themselves who did not realize that these drugs are capable of not only of undermining health in the long term and sometimes even ruining lives.

I knew there was a better way and I was determined to find out what it was. I studied the visionary work of many knowledgeable pioneers for change. They included prolific writer Dr Ray Peat, female Canadian endocrinologist Dr Jerilynn Prior, and of course Dr John Lee, the family physician who had spent years exploring the actions of a plant-derived natural form of progesterone and making it available to women in most countries. John taught me everything he had learned. Within a few months we’d become close friends.

That was then. And it was quite a breakthrough. What about now? Sadly far too many men and women remain unaware of the wonderful transformations that are now possible with the use of carefully selected bio-identical hormones. Happily, knowledge about this is steadily growing. Unfortunately, so is the persistence of multi-national corporations who have no concern with healing, saving lives, and slowing aging. Their goals are simple: increase profits at all cost

I’ve been determined to discover as much as can about good things that are happening in the realm of bio-identical hormones. I’ve explored the work of the some of best practitioners working in these realms. These include Dr Tessa Jones, a gifted and dedicated female practitioner much admired for her work and her lectures on anti-aging and bio-identical hormones. Then I tackled the writings and presentations of Belgian physician Dr Thierry Hertoghe. His goal is to optimize health for every patient while delaying—at times even reversing aging. Then I came across the work of the brilliant American endocrinologist Dr Henry Lindner—an expert in metabolism and bio-identical hormone replacement as well as a man of great vision in regard to the nature and workings of the whole universe. What I’ve learned from them and others is that the possibilities for transforming health naturally and slowing aging has never been better, provided we are willing to learn and make use of their skills and their wisdom. Given that our environment is becoming more and more contaminated by poisons, pesticides, and junk food there has never been a better time for us to make use of the valid knowledge that’s available to us and the help being made available to us in the form of bio-identical hormones.

Hormone deficiencies are now widespread. Yet they are too often ignored by conventional medicine, which has no idea how to handle them. A hormone deficiency is akin to a deficiency in one or more specific nutrients that your body does not make for itself but which it needs more of to support your health. When, because of illness, poor diet, pollution or the aging process your glands are no longer able to produce the levels of hormones that your body needs in order to truly thrive you have been hormone deficient.

What are some of the common signs of hormone deficiencies? Say a woman who is deficient in one or two of the estrogens that make up female sex hormones. She may find herself losing hair, especially at the top of her head. This is something that often takes place around the time of menopause because glands are producing far too little estrogen. Or, if there is not enough progesterone being made in a woman’s body, she can find herself developing abdominal obesity. For each of the body’s hormones there can be a number of signs that may indicate a hormone deficiency.

Take Cortisol, which is a vitally important hormone because it gives us lots of energy. If you become deficient in cortisol you may find yourself feeling dog tired all the time or continually stressed. Another sign of deficient in cortisol is a tendency to constantly complain and blaming others around you for how you feel without realizing that it is your own health that is in need of support. DHEA, which is made in your adrenals, is another hormone vitally important to your health. A common sign of DHEA deficiency can be moderate levels of anxiety which are hard to shake.

Your body’s natural hormone production is rich and can be hard to understand since unless you are aware of how interdependent all your hormones are. They need each other to thrive. Here’s a sample of how this takes place. Cortisol, on which vitality depends, creates energy by consuming tissues in your body. Meanwhile, DHEA protects against the consumption of too many tissues. As the body ages we want to make sure our DHEA production is high enough to create balance between cortisol and DHEA so they are working in harmony. Actually, cortisol production can also be improved by identifying and then correcting any other hormonal deficiencies that influence the working of the adrenal gland such as testosterone for instance, which can also support good cortisol levels.

Next week we’ll look at some important questions in regard to bio-identical hormones such as “How does one identify hormonal imbalances?” “Are there special foods and drinks that can help support your body’s glands for the best possible hormonal levels?”, and “How good or poor are standard laboratory tests as a means of identifying hormonal deficiencies? And many more. See you then…


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