Sacred Truth Ep. 71: Synthetic Hormones Can Be Killers

I keep being asked about bio-identical hormones. How do they work? How early in life can we benefit from using them and how late in life? Are they safer and more effective than synthetic HRT or other pharmaceuticals drugs that go on being prescribed for depression, thyroid, cancer, and heart conditions? Since PASSAGE TO POWER, my biggest book on natural menopause, was first published, the suppression of truths about the value of natural hormones has been violently suppressed. This is not surprising since Big-Pharma now exerts almost total control over the medical community, the FDA, and the mainstream media.

In the next few weeks, I’ll be covering natural alternatives and giving you information about the powerful blessings you can experience from using bio-identical hormones. This information is so rich and vital that it may take me three or more weeks to bring all of this to you on our Sacred Truth videos. I’ll tell you all about the health-changing, often even life-changing bio-identicals, which the majority of medical doctors, even many practitioners of integrative medicine, still know little about. Let’s get started.

For the past 30 years, synthetic hormones have unleashed vicious monsters on men and women of all ages. Together with increasingly dangerous chemicals and pesticides that now riddle our foods and environment, synthetic hormones continue to create serious deficiencies in any body’s natural hormonal interactions. Used over time, as most are, these drugs also bring about deficiencies in essential nutrients—from magnesium and Vitamin D3 to zinc, selenium, Vitamin C, and many more that are vital to our good health.

None of this destruction takes place if you choose to use bio-identical hormone therapies, which rely on a combination of natural thyroid hormones, human growth hormone, DHEA, natural testosterone, natural estrogens, and many others. Natural hormones can bring great blessings, provided they have been chosen and prescribed by well-trained practitioners who are knowledgeable about the fundamental principles of good medicine. Sadly, most conventional doctors who continue to prescribe synthetic drugs do not understand these principles. This is why they go on selling synthetic hormones to their patients. They have little idea of the way our biology works. They do not realize, for instance, that injured tissues heal themselves with nutrients and natural hormones. They do not know that receptors on our cell membranes have long evolved to be able to support the body’s own rich symphony of natural hormones. Nor do they know that human cell receptors have no way to adapt to the synthetic molecules that are continually bombarded with synthetic pharmaceutical drugs. No wonder synthetics can wreak havoc with a patient’s body and undermine its ability to heal itself. Anyway, enough of the bad news. Now for the good news:

Although conventional medicine is always slow to change, interest in the use of natural, bio-identical hormones has been steadily rising as a result of the failure of conventional drug treatments, and the damage to patients’ health continues. Physicians that conscientiously search for safer alternatives are beginning to investigate bio-identical, natural hormones as being less dangerous and a far more effective way of helping patients to heal.

What are bio-identical hormones anyway? Most often they are made from substances in plant products that closely mimic our bodies’ own natural hormones. Not only can bio-identical hormones restore hormonal balance to a body at just about any age; these bio-identicals working together can promote optimal health as well. They can also be used to treat all sorts of chronic illnesses: PMS, heart disease, autoimmune disorders, chronic fatigue, menopausal troubles, fibromyalgia, thyroid issues, and many others. There is no better support for the body’s own natural production of hormones than supplying it with a carefully prescribed collection of bio-available hormones.

These hormones can offer all sorts of wonderful gifts for health and healing. A carefully tested combination of appropriate natural hormones can dramatically improve one’s health. Older patients, including myself, report that after taking the right combination of natural hormones they look and feel 20 to 30 years younger.

Here are just a few of the conditions that bio-availables improve and can often cure: Crohn’s disease, endometriosis, intransigent obesity, infertility, chronic fatigue syndrome, recurring infections, ulcerative colitis, headaches, and migraines. They slow down and can even reverse signs of aging, including loss of mental clarity, poor muscle tone, wrinkling, and lots of other conditions, which the world still looks upon as negative changes that most people believe accompany getting older. Many patients who arrive in a doctor’s offices complaining of being unwell discover that just changing over to natural hormones dramatically improves their condition.

Natural hormones work best when they are used in combinations. Self-prescribed individual hormones such as DHEA, which you can buy over the counter in many countries, are not the way to go. To restore your system to a genuinely balanced condition, you need to use a combination of various natural hormones since they work synergistically with each other. These must be carefully chosen and prescribed by a practitioner well versed in the art of reestablishing the hormonal symphony that best supports a body, whether male or female. The hormones must be given in what are called “pharmacologic doses.” They begin with a small enough amount of each hormone that does not cause the body to cease production of its own capacity to make innate hormones. Natural hormones, used inappropriately, can do harm. You need to be under the care of a skilled health care provider who will carry out simple but profound tests to establish your current physical state of health at the beginning and then design a program that makes use of the exact bio-identicals your body needs in the best dosages to begin your process. He or she may also use other natural products, such as vitamins, minerals, and herbs, which bring wonderful support to your transformational process and help take you to a higher level of health, vitality, good looks, and wellbeing.

What few people realize is that from the age of 30 onwards the body’s ability to produce the level of its own natural hormones begins to wane. By the time we reach 70 the levels of hormones that that the body is still producing are practically nonexistent. This is why, no matter what your age, it is never too early and certainly never too late to begin your own natural hormone transformation.

Ok, so this is your introduction the bio-identical hormone story. In our next sacred video about natural hormone therapy, we’ll examine more deeply what you need to know and how best to begin your own search for help if you decide to use them. I can’t wait to share more of these truths with you. See you then.


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