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Perhaps once a century, a scientific discovery surfaces with the potential to change lives fundamentally. Less often such a discovery is translated into practical advice that you or I can make use of if we choose to transform our health and our life for the better. Ketogenics is just such a discovery. I am fully aware of what a huge statement this is. Yet it is true.


paths-to-energyThere are two fundamental processes by which your body creates energy. It can take it from glucose when you eat lots of carbs that turn into sugar. Or it can draw fuel from good quality fats in the form of ketones. For generations, the powers-that-be has ushered us down the glucose road. Government bodies, mainstream medicine, and the media have urged us to eat a minimum of 130 grams of carb foods a day. In truth most people consume 300 grams or more each day. Glucose, they tell us, is our “essential brain fuel.” Like all dietary nonsense we continue to be bombarded with, this is absolutely untrue. Ketones are by far your brain’s most valuable source of energy.


not-on-ketogenicsWhat are ketones? Ketones are natural by-products of the body’s ability to burn fats for energy. These tiny energy-powered molecules derived from fatty acids can provide fuel for all the body’s cells and tissues—especially your brain. When ketones are being produced at high rates, they accumulate in the bloodstream. This produces a perfectly safe state known as nutritional ketosis. Sadly, most of mainstream medicine continues to remain ignorant about the benefits of nutritional ketosis. Why? Because they confuse nutritional ketosis with ketoacidosis, which is a potentially dangerous complication that occurs to a small number of Type 1 Diabetics.

The process by which you can switch your body over from relying on glucose for energy to relying on ketones is known as keto-adaptation. It shifts your metabolism from relying for fuel on the glucose and grain-based carbohydrates in convenience foods, to making use of top quality fats such as extra virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil and butter as its primary fuel for energy. You leave behind all those carby and sugary foods and soon your body starts producing enough ketones so that they become your most important source of, vitality, mental clarity, and dynamism. More and more top athletes have already chosen to do this this in recent years. These are savvy men and women once depended on drinking so-called sports drinks to keep going. Ketones not only brings clear thinking they also provides the stamina to keep going, while all around them, their misinformed companions continue to struggle.


pandoras-boxKetogenic adaptation is enormously important in several ways. First, it could help restore health to millions who suffer from the most widespread epidemic ever to hit the world: insulin resistance—also known as Syndrome X. In the past thirty years insulin resistance, coupled with masses of expensive and largely useless drugs prescribed in an attempt to control it, continues to destroy human health at an alarming rate. Type II diabetes is now rampant everywhere. Once only a disease of the Western world, it has now spread to every country on the globe. This has created a gigantic health crisis that threatens the economies of every nation. It’s a pandemic that continues to expand exponentially in parallel to rampant obesity throughout the world. Drugs that are being prescribed everywhere in an attempt to treat Syndrome X can suppress symptoms, but they can never to heal the condition. Used long term, such pharmaceuticals undermine the health of those taking them so seriously that it is frightening. Yet they continue to be prescribed and people ignorant of the dangers they carry, just keep on swallowing them.


insulin-resistanceInsulin resistance syndrome— Syndrome X— is a collection of troubles centered on your body’s inability to handle the food you are eating. It is the also the reason why millions of people keep getting fatter and struggle to lose weight, but cannot keep it off no matter how hard they try.

Insulin resistance syndrome is not one condition but a collection of issues—all of which negatively affect your metabolism. These include high blood pressure, distorted cholesterol, and blood sugar disorders. Together they put you at increased risk of getting just about every age-related condition you can name: eye problems, diabetes, heart disease, exhaustion, cancer, and Alzheimer’s, to mention only a few. Insulin Resistance is also responsible for other miseries, as well—from chronic fatigue and anxiety to irritability, depression, and a poor sense of self-worth. It is a major cause of serious inflammation in your body causing you to age rapidly. Yet most people go on suffering while wrongly believing that their symptoms—from serious aches and pains to the sense that something is ‘just not right’ in their body and their life—must be caused by something else.


no-accident-of-natureInsulin resistance syndrome is not caused by a virus or an accident of nature. It develops as a result of the high-carbohydrate/low-fat way of eating that we’ve been urged to follow for more than half a century, assuming—as government directives tell us, that such a diet will keep us healthy. We have gone on on eating convenience foods off supermarket shelves that are filled with chemicals, sugars, masses of food additives, grain and cereal-based carbohydrates that screw up our metabolism. What you need to know is this: Thanks to recent impeccable scientific research, such directives are completely contrary to what the human body, throughout the whole of evolution, has been programmed to thrive on.


heres-what-happensThe hormone insulin is meant to help your body make use of the carbohydrates you eat by turning them into energy. However, eating high-carbohydrate, low-fat food floods your cells with insulin. This produces a cascade of problems. Your cells lose their sensitivity to insulin, so your body tries to produce yet more insulin to redress the balance. This excess insulin causes your body to convert food into fat, while, at the same time, preventing the body from releasing fat from your cells to use as fuel.

The good news is that all these miseries can be reversed—not by popping a pill or taking a drug, but by shifting the way you eat. In truth, changing your way of eating and living is the only way you can do this. Nothing else will work, including all those pharmaceutical drugs that continue to be handed out to “control symptoms.” No matter what your weight or age, or how long you have struggled with ill health, it remains possible to transform your body into a radiantly healthy, fat-burning organism. You may even reach levels of energy and vitality you have only dreamed of until now. Becoming Keto-adapted holds the key to this kind of transformation for body, mind, strength and lasting health. However experiencing it is a long way from popping a pill then passively assuming that it will all happen.


ketogenic-wordSo important is keto-adaptation that, if you are serious about restoring high level health, it’s time to learn a great deal about ketogenics so you know instinctively whether or not it can be of great value to you. But—and this is important—BEWARE OF FALSE PROPHETS. The Internet is full of aggressive marketing to sell the notion of ketogenics in the form of fad diets to a naive population. Sadly, the majority of these programs are poorly designed and put together by people who have failed to do their homework—including most of the keto-diet books filled with absurd recipes for what they tell you are “ketogenic treats.” Stay away from them. Instead, take time to learn the ins and outs of responsible keto-adaptation, then consider what it might be able to do for you.


x-factor-diet-leslie-kentonI first wrote about ketogenics back in 2002 in my X Factor Diet book. It went onto the London Times bestseller list the day after it was published. That was long before most of the world had even heard the word “ketosis.” Luckily in the past fifteen years, reliable independent studies into the effects of keto-adaptation have begun to appear. I have been fortunate to work with doctors, nutritionists, and biochemists at the cutting edge of such research. It’s been fun and fascinating. In the process of researching and shooting a documentary called “To Age or Not To Age”, I had the pleasure of sharing what I knew and continue to learn with some wonderful people of all ages from all walks of life as well and from a wide range of social and ethnic backgrounds. (Click here to watch “To Age Or Not To Age”). These men and women wanted to see if changes in the way they eat and live could alter their lives for the better. My new friends and I chose to make this most exciting of journeys together towards a leaner, healthier way of life. Having them as companions continued to inspire my own passage. We witnessed profound changes happen to their bodies and recorded them accurately in medically measurable ways on the TV documentary. To this day, this experience continues to remind me of how magnificent the human body is and how capable of experiencing profound healing naturally, without drugs or false teachings from those who care more about amassing wealth than bringing greater freedom and wellbeing to peoples lives. What is even more wonderful to me is that it has confirmed to me that each of us is capable of learning how to do this regardless of our age or current circumstances.


Not unless you’re serious about changing your health and your life permanently. It means making major changes in how you eat and live. The transformation can be challenging, despite a recent proliferation of diet books and online advice that would have us believe the keto-adaptation process is “a piece of cake.” Having been through keto-adaptation myself, I love what it has done for me. If, like me, you long for a healthier, stronger body and a clearer mind, you should take a look at it. You’ll be hearing a lot more about ketones soon in our Sacred Truth Videos and our our weekly weekly newsletters. We’ve already begun incorporating much of what we’ve learned into our on-line Cura program. Want to learn more? Start by watching this video: Dr. Stephen Phinney – ‘Optimising Weight and Health with an LCHF Diet’. I think you’ll find it fascinating.


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