Ketosis – Nature’s Great Gift For Life-Long Health

It’s important for you to learn about the power of ketones. They bring vitality, mental clarity, and top sports performance. Becoming keto-adapted may offer protection from early aging as well as treatments for many illnesses, from cancer and Alzheimers to heart conditions, insulin resistance and othere. There is even evidence from animal studies that ketones may lengthen lives. The high carbohydrate way of eating which more than 90% of people follow locks the body into a dependance on carbohydrates and sugars for energy and in the process can seriously undermine health. It is possible in a few weeks to retrain your body so you are living at a much higher level of strength, energy, and mental clarity by simply changing your diet.


amazing-ketones-2 What is ketosis? And why might you want it? Ketones are natural by-products of your body’s ability to burn fats for energy. Tiny ketone bodies derived from fatty acids provide fuel for all your body’s cells and tissues—including brain function. Although as yet little recognized by mainstream medicine, a low level of ketosis is likely to be the optimal state of metabolism for human beings. This is because our genome has evolved to express itself most effectively when we eat a very low carbohydrate diet just as our ancestors did going back many thousands of years. When a body produces ketones efficiently, these minute ketone bodies accumulate in the bloodstream producing a perfectly safe state known as nutritional ketosis. Mainstream medicine remains ignorant about the profound benefits which can come to a human body as it becomes keto-adapted because most doctors confuse nutritional ketosis with a potentially dangerous complication that occurs to some Type 1 Diabetics known as ketoacidosis.


ketones-or-sugarThere are two processes by which your body creates energy. It can take it from glucose when people eat lots of carbs which turns right into sugar. Or it can draw fuel from good quality fats in the form of ketones. For generations, the powers-that-be have pushed us down the glucose road. We’ve been told to eat bread and pasta, potatoes and sugar. Government bodies urge us to eat at least of 130 grams of carb foods every day. In truth most people consume 300 grams of carbohydrate foods or even more each day. a day “Glucose,” we’ve been told, “is the body’s essential brain fuel. You need a lot of it to function well.” Like all of the dietary nonsense we receive, this is absolutely untrue. Ketones are by far and away the brain’s most valuable source of energy.


ketogenic-obsession-1Fifteen years ago, I became fascinated with the beneficial metabolic transformation keto-adaptation can bring. At that time, there was little keto research available. I read everything I could lay my hands on about it. Then I wrote a book about ketogenics called The X Factor Diet…For Lasting Weight Loss and Vital Health. It entered the London Times best-seller list the day it was published in 2002. I had been expecting a full-frontal attack from the powers-that-be. But, to my surprise, I received no criticism of the book from anywhere. This was because, at that time, mainstream medicine, the media, and corporate interests were ignorant about ketones and ketosis. Most of them remain just as ignorant today. Happily this is beginning to change.


light-dawnsIn the past ten years, a few first rate studies into the keto-adapted state have appeared. They show clearly that virtually all of the advice we’ve been given about what constitutes a healthy diet has been dangerously wrong. People who have followed government directives find themselves part of a worldwide pandemic of degenerative conditions. Nonetheless vital truths about how to create high-level human health continue to be treated as though they were fringe concepts. So, does keto-adaptation.


ancient-lessonsFor thousands of years, we humans ate minute levels of carbohydrates in the form of the odd tubers which we dug up from the earth as we wandered in search of food. Today, our meals are full of carbs from grains and cereals. As a consequence, a third of the 7 billion people on the earth are now overweight or obese. And the world has become plagued by widespread degenerative conditions, from cancer and heart disease to type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s to name only a few. What if we knew how to reactivate a powerful, natural innate process, such as keto-adaptation, within the body which brings energy to our cells, organs, and metabolic pathways and may to protect us from the devastating destruction to human health taking place throughout the world? Take a breath. This is not only possible. This is gradually beginning to happen.


low-carb-eatingKeto-adaptation is very low in carbohydrates and high in the right kind of fats such as extra virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil, and butter from cows that have been fed on green grass. It is moderate in protein never high.

For some people, keto-adaptation can be a godsend. Keto-adaptation takes place when you forsake carbs and sugars, or only eat them in very small quantities. Then your body learns to use fat as fuel instead of glucose. The keto-adaptation process can take several weeks, as the shift from glucose to fat burning happens. The road of keto-adaptation takes knowledge, commitment, and perseverance. Such a way of eating and living can have profound implications for health. Here are just a few:

  • It is anti-inflammatory
  • it lowers oxidative stress in the body
  • It reduces gut inflammation
  • It supports body energy
  • It brings mental clarity
  • It creates a high-level of energy
  • It’s great for athletic performance


complex-but-rewardingThe process of becoming keto-adapted is not simple and the experience of this is highly individual. It requires that you restrict your intake of carbohydrate foods—including sugar, of course—below a certain level, so your cells and mitochondria can change from using glucose to using fats as fuel. The level of carbohydrate restriction at which a person’s body is able to enter into a ketotic state varies tremendously. Some people only need to restrict their carbs to 50 grams a day to spur this metabolic transformation. Others may have to restrict carb intake to as little as 20 grams to spur the process. And keto-adaptation takes time—often from two to six weeks—to establish this new metabolic process and bring about the profound metabolic changes at every level.


unique-to-youEvery one of us, regardless of age, has the capability of producing ketones. But unless we are following a low-carbohydrate, moderate protein, high-fat way of living, the body doesn’t have an opportunity to boot up and become keto-adapted. Meanwhile, the long-term assertion that only glucose can fuel our brains adequately is completely untrue. Up to three-quarters of the energy your brain needs can come from ketones. In fact, ketones are by far the most stable and sustainable fuel source available for anyone’s brain.

Is keto-adaptation for you? Not unless you’re serious about changing your health and your life permanently. It means making major changes in how you eat and live. The transformation can be challenging, despite the recent proliferation of diet books which would have us believe the keto-adaptation process is “a piece of cake”. Full of poorly gathered information, but lots of pretty photos of low-carb sweets and treats, they can be pretty useless. Too often they’ve been written by people who have not done their homework.


become-informedWant to learn more? Watch this excellent video about keto-adaptation by Jeff Volek. You’ll find it here (Jeff Volek: The Many Facets of Keto-Adaptation: Health, Performance, and Beyond). I have been through the keto-adaptation process myself and I love what it has done for me. If, like me, you want a healthier, stronger body and a clearer mind, you should take a look at it. In fact I am currently rewriting my original book on the subject to bring it up to date with all of the excellent research that has taken place since it was first written. I expect it to be published in April or May of this year so look for it.


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