Free The Wild Women

wild-women-topWithin you a wild woman calls to be set free. She wants to be welcomed into your life. The time to follow convention has passed. She knows that genuine beauty and power is born out of self-actualization, not self-obsession. Discernment, self-respect, savviness, and playfulness are her watchwords. She invites you to give birth to your true nature, to discover your unique truth at every level of your being, and to live life from your core. Your age is no limitation. All the self-imposed ideas about yourself which you may think are holding you back will melt away like ice when touched by fire. She wants to guide you from the deepest levels of your being and help you create a new ever more authentic way of living.


sheer-delightShe invites you to play a few simple games that can uncover truths about yourself and may even change your whole life for the better. It’s an exciting process. It can also be a lot of fun. Let’s explore it together.

Be ready to adorn yourself as never before. Color, texture, and fragrance will shift your moods, delight your senses, and can awaken dormant potentials for self-expression. Let the clothes, jewelry, scents you wear, and the energy you create around you transform how you feel about yourself, relate to others, and live your life. I’ve always loved Yves Saint Laurent’s attitude to clothes. He said, “I wish I had invented blue jeans. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity – all I hope for in my clothes.” Right on!


honour-your-passionLet passion guide your clothing choices and everything else. Forget adhering to some ridiculous notion promoted by the mainstream media about “what’s in and what’s now.” Discover your unique passions. Let whatever you adore inspire you. Ignore so-called convention whenever it doesn’t suit you. Here’s my own experience: I have a love of the color white. It began almost 50 years ago when I had no money and owned only one dress. It just happened to be white. I used to clean the house, then tossed it into my washer and dryer so I could put it on again and go out in search of writing work to support my three children and myself. I was determined never to have a proper job. I did not want to work for anyone because did not want to be away from my three children. Writing was the only thing I could think of that might make this possible. Of course, I had no idea how to write, even if I could learn to write. I certainly couldn’t spell, having never been to school until I was 11 years old.


trust-your-instinctsI was lucky in my search for work. To my surprise, I was asked to work by magazine editors, newspaper editors, and others. So I started writing on a typewriter placed on the bottom step of a staircase in the little house that contained no furniture, and slowly I learned a bit. I worked in my single white dress and I came to love it. In time I was able to earn just enough to buy one of two pieces of clothing. And guess what? I ended up buying white stuff again. Without realizing what I was doing, I came to love the color white and to wear it almost entirely for some 25 years. Then, I experimented with some other colors to see how they felt on me: red, apricot, and a wonderful orange. They were fun. This lasted for just a few years before I ended up back in my beloved white. As I sit here today typing this, I am wearing a simply white cotton nightdress that I adore. If you were to take a look at the clothes that hang in my closet at this moment, 95% of them are white. It was and still is my passion. White not only inspires me it is so simple to wear and it calms my overly intense nature. I loved it then when I owned only one white dress and I still love it now.


what-cramps-your-styleBuy a simple journal. Make a list of all the notions, ideas, and beliefs that you sense may have been holding you back from being everything you can, and experience a high level of radiance and joy. Look at what kind of “style crampers”—nonsensical self-criticisms, and inhibitions—that you may have unwittingly bought into your life. Do ideas like these listed below ring any bells for you? Write down what comes to you.

  • I’m overweight.
  • My breasts are too big/too small.
  • I can’t wear a skirt because of my varicose veins.
  • I can’t afford nice clothes.
  • I’m too short/tall.

What false beliefs are still be cramping your own style? Subliminal whispers are common to all of us women. Yet few of us are aware of just how inhibiting and soul destroying they can be. Now take a good look at what you’ve written and ask yourself if what you believe about yourself is really true. It’s easy to mistake beliefs for truths then feel imprisoned by them. For instance, is it true that overweight/very tall or very short women can’t look great in clothes? Hardly. Is it really true that you can’t afford nice things? What about second-hand shops, swapping clothes with friends, or even making your own? Which of your beliefs might you be willing to loosen your grip on and expand your potential in the dress-up department? George Bernard Shaw wrote, “A fashion is nothing but an induced epidemic.” I think he was dead right.


what-are-your-facinationsTake out your journal and explore your unique response to this question. Here are some suggestions:

  • Name an animal or bird that you love. What quality do you appreciate most about it? For instance, if you love dolphins, is it their playfulness? What else about them attracts you? Write these things down.
  • Think of an actor in a film you especially like. Which of his or her qualities do you appreciate? Grace Kelly in High Society—her elegance and carefree abandon? Rachel McAdams for her vitality and determination against all odds? Who do you especially admire, and for what qualities?
  • What are your favorite flowers? Daisies? Roses? Jasmine? Irises? Poppies? What are the qualities they have that inspire you?
  • Think of a landscape that you love. What about it appeals most to you?


dive-into-colorUse color to your advantage by calling on its healing properties. Want to feel bolder? Wear touches of red—red earrings, red shoes, or a red shirt—maybe even consider coloring or highlighting your hair with red. Need to heal a broken heart? Bring more green into your life. Fill your home with houseplants. Want to support your spiritual unfolding? Wrap yourself in a purple pashmina shawl while you meditate. Color is powerful in awakening your wild woman. Play with it and see what it can do to inspire you.

  • Red stimulates. It increases heart rate, circulation, and brain activity. It is the color of passion, power and desire; wear red to feel strong and energetic.
  • Pink is soothing and calming. It relaxes muscles and subdues aggression. Wear pink to raise your spirits when you feel discouraged. Peachy tones are great whenever you feel emotionally depleted.
  • Orange strengthens your immune system and is great for digestion. A cheerful, warming, grounding color, orange—long believed to be the color of the rebellious outcast—boosts self-esteem, clears inhibitions, and promotes enthusiasm for life.
  • Yellow supports your nervous system. It also awakens you senses and helps you feel more alert. It is uplifting and mentally stimulating. It encourages optimism.
  • Gold carries power for transmutation and abundance. It symbolizes divine perfection, spiritual awareness, and wisdom. Wear gold to strengthen energy fields.
  • Green helps balance emotions and calm nerves. It is the color associated with heart energy. Wear green or turquoise for a sense of serenity or peace.
  • lots-of-color

  • Blue lowers blood pressure, which slows the heart rate and respiration. A cool and soothing color, it connects you with intuition and encourages clear communication.
  • Purple fosters spiritual awareness, providing access to subtle realms of consciousness. Purple can help connect you with your ideals. Reddish purple is more energizing. Indigo and lavender are more calming.
  • White cleanses and purifies the spirit and emotions. It is supposed to be the color of peace. Wear white for centering and protection from stress caused by too much sensory input.
  • Black connects you with the mystery of the feminine. It is the color of the void. Wear black when you want to delve into deep introspection.
  • Brown is grounding and stabilizing. The color of the earth, brown is reassuring. Wear brown to ground you, but not too much of it or you may feel depressed.


wild-beauty-set-freeImmerse yourself in beauty again and again. Your wild woman loves this. She will teach you so much as you play with these things and record your responses in your journal. Bring color into your home. Paint one wall a vivid shade or hanging up a swathe of material rich with colors that delight you. Drape colorful throws across your sofa and pepper your bed with colored cushions. Create “soundscapes” by playing music or nature sounds that uplift you. Use scented candles or a perfume burner with essential oils to conjure sensual atmospheres. Make bouquets of magnificent flowers. Create a shrine in your home or workplace dedicated to the wild woman within you. Listen to what she tells you. She will teach you to trust your instincts and honor your unique truths. She can become your greatest ally in learning the experience of genuine freedom—just being yourself in everything you do. She knows the secrets to real truth and real beauty. Learn from her. Record what you learn in your journal so you don’t forget. In the words of Keats, “Beauty is truth, truth beauty. That is all ye know on Earth, and all ye need to know.” Beauty is what YOU are and who you are. Live it.


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